R Developer Page

This site is intended as an intermediate repository for more or less finalized ideas and plans for the R statistical system. Most parts of the site are open to the public, and we welcome discussions on the ideas, but please do not take them for more than that, in particular there is no commitment to actually carry out the plans in finite time unless expressedly stated.

The site also includes a collection of technical papers about R and the R Blog (originally at Blog/public).

For general information about R see the R Project's homepage.

This page (and most of its links) are updated hourly and so may not be absolutely current. The up-to-the-minute version can be seen at https://svn.r-project.org/R-dev-web/trunk/index.html.

Release plans

Version 4.4.1 ("Race for Your Life") was released on 2024-06-14.

The wrap-up release of the R-4.3.x series was 4.3.3 ("Angel Food Cake") on 2024-02-29.

The date for the next release is not yet set.

The overall release schedule is to have annual x.y.0 releases in Spring, with patch releases happening on an as-needed basis. It is intended to have a final patch release of the previous version shortly before the next x.y.0 release.


Older Material

Material in this section is at least 6 months' old, and may or may not still be relevant. In particular, some of the proposals here have been implemented in slightly different ways, or since been extended.

Material mainly for the core team

The core team can access the source files for this site by
    svn checkout https://svn.r-project.org/R-dev-web/trunk R-dev-web
Any commit to this area will be reflected in the web pages at the next (daily) update. The current version can be seen at https://svn.r-project.org/R-dev-web/trunk/index.html.