Things no longer on M.M's TODO list for R

Here are things that earlier where on my TODO list with the reasons why they are there no longer ...
Martin Maechler   $Date: 2004/05/15 13:52:29 $ UTC

Things done by myself (at least partly)

Item How and when done
Running Medians for library(modreg) : We need a fast robust smoother; lowess() is not robust. done for R 1.7 "unstable", in Feb.2003.
scatterplot3d from Uwe Ligges): A simple 3D scatterplot with somewhat orthogonal functionality to persp() The package has has been well available from CRAN, is mature and documented, and we have submitted a paper (as of end 2002). In the longer term, we will probably see real 3D graphics much more widely available from R.
Implement C.Loader's dbinom(), dpois() improvements done for R 1.2 "unstable", as of Sept.29, 2000, together with more, using CL's bd0() function
Replace qnorm()'s algorithm with AS 241 done for R 1.1.0 (June 15, 2000)
cor(.) should get a new method argument, with a `match.arg' default of c("pearson", "kendall", "spearman") completely in line with the cor.test(.) function in the ctest package --- need to move C code for Kendall from ctest to base (and coordinate all this with Kurt!). done for R 1.8.0 (Oct 2003)
Implement the final Newton step in qgamma()'s C code, suggested Morten Welinder, in bug report PR #2214 done for R 1.9.0 (early 2004)

Things done by others

Item How and when done
Numerical Integration at least as good as Quadpack (see also GSL -- The GNU Scientific Library ) R function integrate() since R 1.3.0 (2001-06-22);
C API to same code, for R 1.5.0 (2002-04-26)

Things no longer ``interesting'' to me

Topic Reasoning
An option which would allow to use the old (quite less precise, but a tad faster) version of pnorm( ). Not a new argument to qnorm(), but rather a global new entry in options(..), something like
      options(prob.precision = 1e-10)
      options(dpq.precision  = 1e-10) 
(where 1e-10 is somewhat arbitrary) which would use faster less precise algorithms when the required precision was set high (i.e., 1e-4 instead of 1e-10).
Got no feedback on the proposition; The (considerable) drawback would have been that a global option could change numerical results (not just the printing of them), which should only ever happen if really deemed important.