R Translation Teams

R supports translations of program messages notably of errors and warnings into different languages (since R version 2.1.0). Instructions for translators are here. A number of translation projects are already underway or completed. To offer your help with one of these, contact a team on the list below. To list your own translation project here, contact a member of R-core with the details.

Language Contact
Chinese (Simplified) No current maintainer
Chinese (Traditional) Wei-Lun Chao <chaoweilun@gmail.com>
Danish Joe Dalton <joedalton2@yahoo.dk>
Dutch No current maintainer
French Philippe Grosjean <phgrosjean@sciviews.org>
German Detlef Steuer <steuer@hsu-hh.de>
Greek (modern) Angelos I. Markos <amarkos@gmail.com>
Hungarian Daniel Kehl <kehld@ktk.pte.hu>
Italian Daniele Medri <dmedri@gmail.com>
Japanese Masafumi Okada <mf@okadajp.org>
Korean Chel Hee Lee <chelhee.lee@ucalgary.ca>
Lithuanian R Zakauskas <r.zakauskas@gmail.com>
Norwegian Nynorsk Karl Ove Hufthammer <karl@huftis.org>
Persian Mahmood Taghavi <mahmood.taghavi@gmail.com>
Polish Lukasz Daniel <lukasz.daniel@gmail.com>
Portuguese-BR No current maintainer
Portuguese-PT Nigel Randsley <nigel.randsley@gmail.com>
Russian Alexey Shipunov <dactylorhiza@gmail.com>
Spanish Pablo E. Verde <pabloemilio.verde@hhu.de>
Turkish No current maintainer
Ukrainian Ivanka Skakun <ivanka.skakun@gmail.com>